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About Sawridge Trusts

The Sawridge Trusts are comprised of two, separate trusts: the Sawridge Band Intervivos Settlement, created on 15 April 1985 and the Sawridge Trust, created on 15 August 1986.

Established by the Chief and Council of the Sawridge First Nation under Chief Walter P. Twinn, Sawridge Trusts have as goals to provide economic development, to provide a potential for employment, and to create an avenue for self-sufficiency, self-assurance, confidence and financial independence for the members of the Sawridge First Nation.

Some of the monies from Sawridge First Nation oil and gas development were invested in a number of businesses owned by the Trusts to provide long-term benefits to the beneficiaries and their descendants.

At the time of their establishment, the Trusts were a unique solution to long-term economic development for First Nations, speaking highly of the foresight and skill of their prime mover, the late Chief and Senator Walter Twinn.